Monday, April 23, 2007

Turn off the TV

This week is national turn off the screen week (for kids primarily, hence the loophole for me sitting here blogging!!)

To be honest, I am not envisaging finding other things to do with the children an issue as they hardly watch tv anyway. We probably watch a maximum of an hour in the week and then a movie at the weekend, maybe. However, the whole school has taken on the challenge and it is going to be more of a challenge as we also have conferences on Wednesday and Friday this week, so the school is shut for those days!
I can see the main problem is going to be after Wednesday when the weather is due to turn again and get colder. Until then, outside activities will easily lure the children.

There have been sheets of paper up at school inviting us and the children to write their ideas for TV-Free activities. I am going to aim to list our activities here and then blog our progress. Fortunately neither the boys have any nintendo type toys, nor have they yet really discovered the computer, apart from occasionally speaking to grandparents and aunts via the webcam, so you will forgive us if we are rude this week.

For myself, I can live happily without tv, as long as I have access to some form of communication, be that radio or computer. I will probably be the one who falls by the wayside soonest with the tv though as I do like to watch a dvd in the evenings sometimes to chill. This week, however, I am teaching two evenings and really do have an essay to start......I'll let you know how I do.

For now, though, this afternoon's activities have been:

Bouncing on the trampoline and riding bikes.
Putting seed and suet cakes out for the birds.
Planting some bulbs.
Playing with toys.

Progress of my sanity so far - entirely calm and relaxed.
Progress of kids so far - relaxed and engaged in activities (albeit it is a little quiet for the wee Miss B, I think there may be some destruction in the offing!)
Need for alcoholic beverage at this point in time - None

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