Saturday, April 26, 2008

Babies, Boys, Buses and Blue Icing!!!

Okay, so I am seriously out of it dude!!

Today Master Beehive the elder had his party for his birthday. He had chosen to take a couple of friends out to the Sushi restaurant and then afterwards come back for cake and a movie. As we drove to the restaurant his two friends began talking to each other about the latest Pokemon games that they have. We are a pretty un-techy household (in fact, I am currently typing this blog entry on a buy that has taken somewhat three years to convince ourselves of the usefulness of - a laptop) and thus far haven't really had any reason to change that. However, listening to these two, one eight years old, one just seven, I realised that the whole language was different. I can honestly say that I had no clue what they were talking about and in all honesty, couldn't even make sense of what they were saying.

"Dude, what's the HP damage on your Itrabobby"

"Aw Man, it's awesome, there are 650 danger knots"

"Aw dude, that sucks!"

"Yeah! It sucks, but then it's cool, the right phelange is connected to the left phelange which in turn rotates the 769 whingamadoodle and stops the kratchewatche from blasting the mingymongy, and I am up to level 45!"

" Cool man! Awwwwwweeeessoooooome!"

What the F(*&*(*&***?????

I had obviously left my street cred back in 1984!

The return journey on the other hand, if you can add a couple of glasses of coke, some sugar and blue icing and it was truly incomprehensible and at twice the speed and volume too.

I suppose it wasn't helped by the fact that I only got in this morning at 1am after the second birth this week. It's somewhat like waiting for a number eleven at the moment. You wait weeks, then suddenly two come along at once. The first was Sunday night through Monday night and then yesterday morning I was called away to the next one which got me back early this morning. I was then supposed to be doing post partum work with the first couple at 9am - so strangely enough I am somewhat flagging right now.

The births were long and tough on the mamas involved. But how opposite could they be.
Birth one was a big big boy delivered by c-section eventually as he started to cause his mama's cervix to swell up and Birth two was a teeny tiny girl who was a VBAC, much to her mama's delight and relief.

So, all party guests are present and correct and quietly (now!) watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Ah well, I bet they don't know qwerty or who Gene Wilder is!!

Hmmm now where is that blue icing?..........

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