Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rituals and Relaxation

The rituals of LMB and bedtime are proving to be more of a giggle on a daily basis.

Ever since the children were a few months old, Mr Beehive and myself have accustomed them to some kind of routine - generally of the guise: Bath, Books, Boob/Bottle, Bed......almost the three R's eh?

As they are getting older, the books have gone from being separately read in each child's room to a rather stunning move to a "family reader" (our current read being Pinnochio), but really, I am digressing.

Each of my kids has had their own "spinning it out" techniques and Little Miss Beehive, is proving no exeption to that rule.

Her latest is to ensure we have the light on outside her room (despite her having the door closed because she likes it dark!) and then following up not ten seconds later with opening her door and just standing there.

One of us then, naturally hears her and will go up to ask what is the matter. She will then cock her head to one side (which, if you could see her this evening in her brand new yellow Snow White nightdress and finally growing and thickening blonde hair - just perfects this picture of Marmalade Atkins crossed with Pinkalicious!) and close her eyes and start......everytime the same way.

LMB " Errrmmmmmmmmm"

Irritated parent "Yeess??"

LMB "Eeerrrrrmmmmmmmm...........when I go to bed.....................errrr....errmmmmm.... I don't shut my eyes *tee hee, titter titter*" (she does find herself incredibly witty and amusing!)

Irritated Parent "Okay, that's nice - go to bed please."

and that is it, no fuss, no argument, she just has to tell someone!!!

Tonight I had:



"Eeerrrrrmmmm.......*thinks*....my wardrobe."

"Okay, your wardrobe?"

"*tee hee, titter titter* My wardrobe is not nice, I don't like it, it scares me.....*more titter titter!" (she then looks at me from her cock-eyed view and grins)

"Okay, well we'll deal with that in the morning - now go to bed!

Problem solved..........

Only not, because it is a built in wardrobe!!!!!

Her other ritual is to migrate, every night, from her room, to ours. When she was small, it was okay, nice to cuddle up to her hot body. Now she is a large nearly 3 and a half year old, this hot body is rather squirmy and loves to come between myself and Mr Beehive and not to mention sleep diagonally. So thus, we have set her up with a matress on the floor to which she dutifully comes in, lays down, pulls up the covers and goes back to sleep............................................

.................................until the morning - What are you complaining about I hear you cry?

But the problem is not really her early rising or migration - it is the "watching".

From around 5.45 most mornings I am no longer awoken by babies crying, birds singing, alarm clocks going off or even Mr Beehive getting up for work. Instead I am awoken by a presence.

It stands watching, nothing else, not poking, touching or even talking. It is silent, still, observant - just watching me from around 8 inches from my face.

It scares the living crap out of me, without fail, ever frickin' morning.

I just gotta get her out of THAT ritual!

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