Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The first cut is the deepest.......

.........and causes the most likelyhood of bald patches!

So what can I expect from my kids and peer pressure in the future??

Well if today is anything to go by - I expect they will bow to it as much as I tried to (well, I liked to call it "rebelling against my parents" but in all truth it was probably succumbing to peer pressure -yawn!)

This weekend, Master Beehive the younger's bezzy mate was unwittingly handed over to his father's capable hands for a quick trim at the barbers......kind of male bonding one presumes lol! However, this resulted in a number 2 army crew cut and probably a close call on the divorce front too!!

So, this evening, Master Beehive the younger commented on how much he liked his friend's new cut.

"That's nice!" I replied with my mind on other things

"I want mine cut like that" says he

"Sure sweetie, we'll just let it go through the summer, like we agreed, and then have it cut in the Fall." This was actually partly a ploy on my part to hope he changed his mind and also because he changes his mind on a weekly basis like the wind.

After dinner I pop upstairs to get the Little Miss's p-j's and shut curtains - the usual routine. Getting sidetracked I probably end up being upstairs for a good 15 minutes.

On returning to the kitchen, I notice there is a smallish but long pile of hair on the floor. Not thinking TOO much of it, I pick it up and open the trash to put it in, only to discover at least four more handfuls.

It is funny how, when faced head on with a situation, the dawning of reality comes in slow motion. Eventually the mallet hits me on the head and I put two and two together.

He had scalped the back of his head and taken his bangs so high they would have made Bjork proud! I had to do a repair job and there was only one way forward and at 7pm at night, there are no hairdressers open for the challenge except chez moi!.....................

So I am now, very sad, mourning the loss of his wonderful angelic mop......................

From this:

To this.........................

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pansy said...

I'm sorry to laugh so much, but this is the funniest thing I have seen in quite a while. May I also congratulate you on your hair dressing skills. I like the new look!