Thursday, May 01, 2008

Auction Fever!!


Phew, thanks for allowing me to do that.

This week has been getting crazier by the hour. It is auction countdown at the little Beehive's school and for some really bizarre reason - obviously I enjoyed myself too much last year - I agreed to head up the Item Management team this year.

Probably doesn't sound such a big deal, but basically it comprises of writing up all the 370+ items we get into a huge mega catalog, ensuring all donor details are recorded for thank yous, compile bidder boards and sheets and make sure that all the physical items and gift certificates are stored and cataloged correctly so we know exactly where they are - phew - it exhausts me just thinking about it. Pretty much, if there is a fuck up, it is going to lead back to me in some shape or form - stress? Much!

On top of that I am working on Thursday mornings at the Waldorf school and also doing Postpartum support for one of my clients during the evenings or whenever I have some free time -oh god, my sides nearly split laughing then!

The hardest part of this, however, hasn't been the juggling of jobs and responsiblity, it has been the entertainment of Little Miss Beehive, who, has been doled out to various friends to the point of pushing friendship boundaries and trying on other afternoons to work and have her play around me.

LMB is not low energy!

Gosh, how I snort at that statement. She is of MY gene pool, has ants seriously embedded in her knickers and was born under the incorrect star sign - she needed to be an aries, rather than the scorpio she is.

She fills a room with her energy and free spiritedness, which one day will be a wonderful asset that I need to focus on, but for the meantime, she knows exactly how to push boundaries to their absolute extreme and in the course of the past few weeks has drawn on the walls (shh!) the table (shh!), eaten the chocolate that belongs to my team (this must be a huge shhhh, they need the chocolate to function!) and run up and down the quiet Montessori school halls giggling loudly more than a zillion times.
There was no concern about me not making the gym enough times over the time we have been doing this. As one of the assistants told me today;
I amuse her (yes, note the "I") so much as she sees the young version whizz like road runner down the corridor squealing with delight as I try to gain composure and control and head off after her, slowly at first trying not to bring attention to this, and then at breakneck speed as she refuses to come back to my calls!

I then pick her up or hold her hand, explain in my best "Montessori voice" how this is unacceptable and the other children need to work with quiet in the halls and she is disrupting that lead her back to the room where we are working, sigh, sit down, move my mouse and realise she has gone - again........and so this game continues - ALL AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!

This terrorising continues from my children later as I pick them all up from late day and the Little Miss is still in hyper mode (despite having two hours playing outside on the playground - you'd think that'd wear her out!), Master Beehive the elder is away with the fairies as he continually chats from the moment I pick him up until i put food in his gob at home.....he doesn't even care that I am talking to Master Beehive the younger at this point, who is in meltdown mode because I am the nastiest mother on the planet and won't allow him to have chewing gum, and is thus hollering and wailing and crying at the top of his voice...........

As we leave, a parent is sitting with his daugher, calmly on a bench outside. LMB marches over to the daughter and introduces herself.
The daughter sweetly smiles back and says that she knows who she is........................

...............yeah baby! Your reputation goes before you!!!!!!!

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