Monday, May 19, 2008

Who are you, and what have you done with my kids?

Very occasionally I cross over into the twighlight zone. This morning was one of those moments and I just have to share it with you.

This morning, it was the birds that gently brought me to full consciousness, not a child, not an alarm, not even a snoring husband. It was 6am, the start of a new school week and everywhere was quiet and calm. I checked the mattress to see if LMB had done her usual trick but not woken me, but her space was empty.

I got up, answered my e-mails, went about the start of my day in a leisurely way, the way I have dreamed about in my wildest dreams, but am not expecting much before the children are teens and thus incapable of getting up in the morning before noon!

En route to the bathroom I met Mr Beehive the younger who greeted me with a smile and asked politely if he could use the shower after me.......

By 6.30 I thought I ought to waken Mr Beehive the elder and LMB.

LMB awoke, smiling and handed me her nighttime pacifier without me asking for it and without the normal tussle we have to extricate it from her cakehole!

By now there was a feeling of calm radiating my body........what was the day to hold? It is warm, sunny, blue sky, birds singing.

Mr Beehive the elder was downstairs and doing something extremely strange - he was holding the scoop for the dog's food and putting food in his bowl..........without being asked!! This is indeed such a rare occurrence, normally, despite the chore chart, feeding the dog is apparently the epitomy of the job chart - they would rather dust and hoover ???!!!!

By now I was floating on something extremely weird. The morning thus far has continued on a similar vein, children being considerate and gracious to each other, sharing, helping each other without discussion.........................there has yet to be a raised voice............???????!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I am going to seize the moment, my sacred space, and go to yoga this morning after drop off.......continue the peace. .........after all, tomorrow will be a new day and good things don't last!!!

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siobhan said...

Wishing you many more days like this to come