Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Public apology!

What do they call them in the UK? The spin doctors? The person who manages to put a spin on a story to cover up the crap? Well, I unfortunately don't have one of my own so have to cover my own doggy doo!! However, I do have a certain small person who is delightfully good at landing me in the doo doo!

Her trick today was thanks to her advanced fine motor skills. She is, as we know and as her teacher has told us, pretty good at holding a pencil. Unfortunately for us, this skill extends (don't ask me how!) to an accute ability to control a mouse on a computer.

This afternoon I was sent an e-mail from a teacher at school, inviting me to some or other social network shenanigans, when I opened the mail, it took me to a page where upon the whole, yes, the WHOLE of my address book was in front of me, some 180 odd persons. All the little boxes were pre-checked off. Then, as per the best story tales, the phone rang and I was distracted............. well you can pretty much guess the rest.

Little Miss Beehive is responsible for sending the 180+ emails today inviting you to that same social network thang - that I have yet to investigate. I think she pressed the continue button and the rest is history!

I am very sorry, she is not, she thinks it is funny, I do not! We are working through this with therapy (of the bubble bath and wine kind - well I am, she is not!)

So - warning to all out there! Do not leave your three year old unattended by a computer even for a nano second - or else, your doo doo will be all over t'interweb!

This was a public announcement brought to you in deep embarrassment by the long suffering parent of Little Miss Beehive. We thank you for your understanding!

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