Thursday, May 15, 2008

One, Two , Three, Foo-foo!!

It's not the terrible two's and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It is most definitely the terrible threes. Who would think that this:

Could turn into this:

in just three wee years?

Little Miss Beehive's favourite hobby at the moment is a real toss up between staring me out when I ask her not to do something, or giving me the mother of all tantrums if I then proceed to remove the offending article or stop her from doing what she wishes to do.

This week her mounting crimes are:

  • Pouring invisible ink all over her brother's bed (which, when met with blue linen, actually isn't invisible at all, but stains yellow ............. somewhat like cat's piss!)

  • Colouring in my lambskin rug with fluorescent marker!!!!!

  • Letting the dog out of the garden gate!!

  • Finding the Q-Tips under the bathroom sink and using them for cleaning not only her orifices but also the floor under the toilet, unfortunately I am non the wiser as to the order of these occurences!!!

  • Removing most of the sand from the sand box to the patio and then mixing it with water from the hose to create a mud mess for me to clean up.

  • Inserting the remaining sand into her foo-foo whilst sitting naked in it!!

Most of this she managed just this afternoon!

I totally despair as she just finds everything extremely funny and has a manipulative way of creasing her little dimples and making me laugh too - which isn't the point!!!!

So this evening was not the most pleasant of tasks ensuring that her sandy elements were suitably sand free after she complained of itching and scratchyness in her nether regions! I would like to say this has hopefully taught her that there are better holes to fill with her sandpit but..............this is LMB we are talking about and tomorrow is another day with 12 more hours to fill with mischief !

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