Friday, May 09, 2008

Living in a Surreal World.

I think my life has hit an all time high at the moment!!!

Today I have found myself teetering somewhere close to the twighlight zone:
  • I have been offered monkey porn by an old school friend - fresh porn too I hasten to add, none of the cheap nasty stuff - some that he has himself directed and produced..........okay I suppose, as long as it is accompanied by good quality music and none of that Bowwowchiccawowwow stuff!

  • I have reached an all time low with regards to things I never thought I would find myself saying when I asked Mr Beehive the younger to pass me his pants this evening so I could smell them to see if they were clean or not!!!!!!!! OMG - I have a university degree - what happened????

  • I have given up with my ongoing saga with Little Miss Beehive's hair when this morning I was trying desperately to force hairclips into this matted mess only for her to tell me, when I asked what it was: "it's milk and butter..........I love milk and butter in my hair, it's so.............nice!!". Well, who am I to argue, the milk worked for Cleopatra, but did the drugs!!!

So this weekend is Mother's Day in the US and I am on my own!!! Well, not entirely, I have a small swarm of mini Bees to entertain me and LOOOOOOTS of rain, but Mr Beehive has gone to the UK to look at houses! We have just (tentatively) sold our house in the UK and I, in my infinite wisdom, am trusting him, with his sensible head, to go and find me a new one!
As my sis so kindly pointed out this evening - better him than me, as I always manage to come home with the runt of the litter whenever I go out. I prefer to say that I see potential in a property, bedraggled cat/dog, rusted old car, whereas Mr Beehive tend to think with his wallet!

Well, I like to have faith, it ain't failed me yet!

Ach well, I guess I have a few pints of milk, some butter and a nice piece of monkey porn to keep me going - Moms Rock!!!

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