Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bleugh.....Friday 13th I'm gonna kick your butt!

Anyone who says that lightening can't strike the same place twice, is, quite frankly, lying !!

Our week has become one that was meant to be a lazy, playdate dotted, pyjama wearing, chilling out kinda week, to a chicken pox riddled, confined to the compound of the house and yard, itchy scratchy and unable to go anywhere, kinda week. Not only are we tied here, but we are REALLY tied here as Mr Beehive is overseas so I can't even get out in the evening!

I had my own porta-shopping (courtesy of my dear pal!) this evening, rang my emergency order in for vital supplies - milk, bread and apples, at 3.30, by 4.30 she was here with it for us! Then my other friend dropped by with some stuff for Will and we ended up having a conversation through the confines of our wire gating! There were essences of "Strangeways" to the chat!

So this is not chicken pox bout one, but two in the Beehive. All three Beehives have had it before and now, it appears, caught a more virulent strain that has beaten a vaccinated country to survive and pass onto my, supposedly, immunised (naturally mind, not by the vaccine!) children!!! So what does that say for vaccines - they work? viruses morph and evolve to survive??

So, what with the house sale falling through, now chicken pox, I am sitting here waiting for the third thing to happen. It is, after all, Friday 13th this week and I am feeling my glass really is empty, not even half lol!

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