Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Crafty Beehive

We've had my mum here for the last ten days and it has been really fun! We've had the opportunity to go to the city, hang out with the kids, "do lunch" and have crafty afternoons sewing or knitting. I know, really sad eh?

We had one day over the weekend where the Little Miss managed to aquire a couple of new items for her wardrobe; a dress courtesy of moi and a skirt from mum.....I can't believe I am going to say this now, but fook me, I actually quite enjoy the calm from making clothes for her! Here are the finished products:

This was the dress that I made her! Don't ever ask me to make anything with bastard sequins again though! AGGGGGHHHHH!

And the skirt was mum's creation - excuse the constipated expression though, that is a trademark of the Little Miss at the moment - "see camera, make fucktard expression" - you know how it goes with three year olds.

Master Beehive the younger is graduating this week - no, he hasn't become the next Ruth Lawrence, but he "graduates" from Primary to Elementary in the Montessori programme. He is all set (by his own choice) to give a small tap display for his "performing piece" at the graduation, note this has to be called 'Tap" not "Tap DANCE" because apparently it isn't cool to put dance after the word tap!!!???? So he and I have been practising our routine (no! I won't be performing, but probably mouthing the steps from the wings!) this evening much to the distress of our lino! Here he is in his Tap paraphernalia from his dance display last weekend!

Fred Astaire, eat ya heart out mate!

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