Monday, June 09, 2008

Vacation Creations

So "School is out!" to coin a phrase and we are making a slow start into the hols. As usual I have way more planned than I know we will ever get the time or energy to do! This year we have come up with a "Summer Ideas" bucket. The kids are putting in their ideas as they come up with them, of things they want to do over the summer and on days where we are looking for things to do, we are going to try to do some of the things in them. In all honesty I thought their fantasy would get the better of them and they would try to see exactly what we COULD do, but in reality, apart from "Eat an Alligator" the majority of the ideas are pretty tame.

Friday afternoon was a more challenging afternoon. I had planned for an outdoor playdate as the weather had said it would be good ! Well, it wasnt'. Three boys (I borrowed an extra - there were meant to be two extra but one wasn't able to make it - thank heavens!) and a girl, just fresh outta school for the long summer, wound up after graduations and closing ceremonies like rubber bands, they were bouncing off my walls like they were tennis balls!

LMB managed to jump onto her bean bag and thus burst it and all the contents all over the playroom floor. In my enthusiasm (yeah, right!) to clean it up with the vacuum, I didn't see the small lego piece under about 3 lbs of styrofoam snow and managed to bugger up the hoover! So I wasn't happy!

The weekend, naturally has proven exhaustingly hot - 100 degrees in some places, we had 98 in the garden! We had a barbecue planned with guests on Sunday. Such a beautiful day! About twenty minutes before they were due to arrive, however, the sky went black.........yes, that's right, not just rain, but wind and thunder and lightening. I was out picking up LMB who had been at a party and took the boys along for the ride. We were riding back in the eye of this storm watching the fork lightening bounce off the road beside the car as we tried to swim home! At home a huge branch had come down over the drive, narrowly missing our visitors as they pulled up the drive!!!!

Today, is once again over 80!!??

I have been knocking out a couple more bits and pieces so here are the few crafts I made today and yesterday:

A strawberry slice - requested by the kids for their "shop" They now want a bowl of strawberries and some peas - I could be sometime with the latter request!!!!!??!! Still, at least they haven't requested a "pooh" which is what the children of a lady on a crafting forum I frequent, did.

And a dress made from a tshirt and left over bits of material from previous creations.

I also finished Master Beehive the younger's new sweater (which incidently won't rotate on the pic!!)

and made a vintage style ra-ra skirt for a friend's daughter for her birthday.

I have nearly finished another one for LMB for next year.

My summer projects are a couple of pairs of plaid elasticated waist trousers for Master Beehive the elder and a batik style dress for me to wear over jeans, then in the Fall I intend to start my sweater! However, as with all my craft, there will be other bits and bobs that will catch my fancy along the way and slow down the process!

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