Thursday, June 12, 2008

Drive thru' livin!

Today we went on an expedition....... we are not allowed to venture into civilisation due to the poxy, so it was an expedition of drive thru's. Thank freakin' feck for America and it's drive thru' mentality!! In the course of one trip I was able to drop off library books, go to the bank and get a coffee. I could have frequented the Golden Arches but.....well.....most of you know my feelings on that place and I was going to go to the drive thru' chemist just for the hell of it to see what I could get.......but thought better of it. Still we managed to pass a good hour!

Fortunately the weather has been good, so I have been able to let the kids run around outside, we have gotten out the paddling pool and water slide and basically just gone a bit wild. There is no illness attached to this leurgy keeping us trapped, no temperatures, runny noses, or blah-ness at all. In fact, were it not for the spots you would not believe they were "sick"!

As we haven't been able to go anywhere I've taken the opportunity to craft crazy and have made almost a new wardrobe for LMB! I've gotten braver with my experimenting and have made three items without patterns this week using up remnants from my fabric stash.

A pinafore dress for LMB made of a gorgeous red cotton with little red daisy button fastenings. I am pleased with how this has turned out and so is she, mind, when I make this next time, I will put more fabric into the ruffle at the bottom and probably try a contrasting colour just for interest.
This was a first attempt at a peasant style top. Yes, it is a top, it is just too hot for trousers, so there was much protest at even modelling the top, so I thought this would do for a compromise!! This fabric is actually rayon and falls delightfully. I have made a couple of cock ups on the sleeve attachment, but none that she will be bothered about. I think I need a few more tutorials on sleeves!!

These were a pair of shorts that I made using an old pair of Master Beehive the elder's as a pattern. They have a drawstring waist and took about an hour from start to finish. The fabric is pretty cheap and shitty (only cost about $4 to make!!) and frays a lot, so the edges are all beautifully serged to avoid further fraying and the buttonholing where the drawstring came out was an arse to do, but he chose it as he liked the colours.

I added a small pocket on the back to hide a flaw in the fabric that may in time start to fray. I thought this might give them a little more life. Still, at $4 and an hour in the making I don't feel too bad about them only lasting one summer!

Finally, using the same fabric that I used for LMB's peasant top, this is a made up pattern that I came up with in the car the other day when I was driving !!??!

It is a halter neck as you can see (excuse the poor quality of the photos - mind, if you think photos of yourself are hard to make, try putting darts into a bodice when you have no one else in the house to help you...........I have since ordered an adjustable dressmaking mannequin for future projects!!)

The back fastens with hooks and eyes and a few press studs and I have inserted some darts to make it fit my body shape better.

The front hangs with a v in the centre (excuse the fashion faux pas with the shorts, but I do have a lush pair of white jeans that will go well with the top!) and the halter fastens at the top. I sewed the halter in to ensure the gathering stayed put and again with the darts at the back, it was essential there was more "stay"to the front.

None of them are exactly Project Runway, but there is such an element of pride making something that fits you or your family directly, no one else has the same design and fabric anywhere or that is so cheap to make!

My Fall project when the kids go back to school is a black and white fifties style dress with a full circle skirt and red tulle underneath for LMB to wear as a party dress! I know, that is a huge piece to bite off and chew, but ....... watch this space!!

LMB has done something to the 'puter that means that I can't hold my finger down on the delete button anymore to delete a word in one go, instead I have to repetitively press the key for each darned letter. If anyone knows how to un-do this doing, I would be eternally gratefull as my middle finger is beginning to look like a small balloon!

Answers on a postcard please or you can leave them at any drive thru' in town!!

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pansy said...

Wow! I am most impressed. Maybe something rubbed off on you after all!!
Seriously, they look great. Well done you.