Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ooooh, Cupcake and Arse ache!

Excuse the title, my day has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. This morning started particularly well:

I made this delight for LMB to add to her growing patisserie,

and managed to difuse a potential wailing situation when she asked (about 8 months after his leaving us) where her giant Elmo was. Bear in mind this monstrosity was the size of her and used to sit in her wardrobe unplayed with. She has not mentioned him until today.

"Where is my Elmo mama?"


"He's gone away to live with someone who doesn't have any toys"

"Who's that then?"

"Er.......Sally, her name is Sally and she is your age" - see that nose grow Pinnochio!

"Has he gone far?"

"No, not far, just to N****"

"Is he coming back?" - the dreaded question.

"No sweetie, Sally is his mama now and will look after him"

"Okay, can I have a peach?"

Phew! That had potential to turn out very nasty. As for the real whereabouts of Elmo, well, he did go for a short drive with Daddy to the Goodwill, so, in all honesty could be living with a three year old called Sally in N****!!

Later this afternoon, Mr Beehive phones to tell me our buyers have pulled out of the house purchase!!!!! Apparently they have cold feet! WTF! There really should be a cooling off period and if, after 14 days they haven't pulled out, then there needs to be a penalty if they DO pull out for cold feet or no good reason! So, we are likely to lose the other house we were in the process of buying if we can't find a new buyer asap for ours! Ironically, I haven't even SEEN the house we were buying, but it is gorgeous and has everything, upstairs room, downstairs room, garden, garage, walk to good schools and 40 mins to london for Mr Beehive.

Feck I HATE housebuying and selling.

Perhaps my next craft project should be little felt buyers and then I can stab them with pins!!

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