Saturday, February 05, 2011

Hats solve everything!

After the no-spend January, it would appear that February is here to bite me on the butt. In just two days I've managed to get myself a parking ticket for not seeing the very faded sign saying the bay wasn't for cars when it was blowing a rainy gale yesterday and my wipers were on double speed. I was desperate to find somewhere to park so Master Beehive the younger could get to his badminton lesson without getting totally soaked and I'd put three quid in the feckin' meter too, so grrrr...

Then both LMB and Master Beehive the younger need new school shoes as they have holes in their current ones - this is proving more expensive as MB the younger has flat arches so needs shoes now that we can put orthopaedic prosthetics in. 

At home my slow cooker has given up the ghost. The lid has already been mended once, but now the dial that operates the darn thing has died. 

Ho hum, that was the third thing at least!

Still, it's Saturday today. Master Beehive the elder is in London with Mr Beehive at the British Museum as Master Beehive the elder wanted to see the "Book of the Dead" Egyptian exhibition. I've done the soccer mom bit, done the new shoe buying bit, changed the sheets on the bed. 

Imagine how delighted I was to arrive home to find this fantastic hat in the mail from Emma!

There is a silver lining when friends remember you and manage to cheer up your day with something beautiful and handmade like this. I love it Em, thanks. 

Then some doula friends have invited me out for pizza this evening, some birth junkie chat over a veggi pizza seems just what the doctor ordered . Right now, my solace is a Saturday afternoon cuppa with a slice of left over panetone from Christmas and a silly kids' movie!


I am making the choice to stuff the expense and enjoy this weekend - my first in a while, free from work!

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