Thursday, February 03, 2011

What did you really do today?

Have you ever seen Sliding Doors?
It's where Gwyneth Paltrow's character has to make a choice which determines which way her life leads.
Erin over at Bluebirdbaby has a challenge for the year. It's a challenge about making choices.
We all make choices, daily, but how many of us make choices that we think will please others, or make choices with our eyes half closed rather than truly open? How many of us make choices but wonder if it was the right choice, if there might be a sign to show us?

Life is full of choice. Do I blog today, or not? Do I take this doula client on, or not? Do I have a glass of wine this evening?
 I teach my clients to ask about all the choices otherwise they can't possibly make and informed decision.

I sometimes wonder whether we are guided into the choices we make too. Maybe there is a pre-chosen path that we are all meant to take and if we choose to take another route, maybe, what if, we hit brick walls until we rejoin the path we are meant to be on?

I think about this a lot at the moment as I'm making this new career choice and seemingly starting on the path over again. But then, am I? Was I meant to end up here? Was I meant to meet my husband, have our babies, move to Belgium and get involved witht the Brussels childbirth trust and train to teach for the NCT - was I meant to go to the USA to learn about being a doula and ultimately find the thing that makes me tick? Was the fact that we had our three children and then couldn't manage to get pregnant with our fourth a pre-conditioned destination that I'd end up with a place at university for midwifery?

What if we'd taken the Japan job instead of choosing the USA?
What if I'd chosen to continue on the Montessori training programme?
What if we'd chosen to buy the house in Sawtry instead of choosing to pull out?

As I blogged the other day, I was deliberating over my choice to continue with my OU module. Ultimately, it is my choice and I just need to be happy in whichever decision I choose. The fact I got 80% today for a TMA may also influence my choice...however, maybe that's the destiny part, pushing me in the direction, on the path I'm meant to be treading?

Anyway, I'm going to choose not to waffle and be a bit more conscious about finding the "half full" choices out of any situation.

Right now I'm still working out what choices are available to us when we buy our groceries in order to reduce our garbage ;-) Still just the one bag this week, but I have to confess it seemed fuller than last week and I still have a growing bag of plastic trays that no one seems to want.

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