Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stop. Rewind!

What is small, blonde, deathly quiet and sinister?

No, it's not a joke.

Normally LMB is really good at entertaining herself, or playing with one or other brother, so usually, when it's quiet in the house, usually, she's playing happily.

Look! How could she not be sweet?
She will dress her dolls, read, colour, play games. I know it's sickly sweet, but she's usually quite a delight. However, her one less endearing trait is that she does have a tendency for magnetism. She's known as "The Magpie" at times, for filling her bags with things that she's "borrowed" from around the house for her latest game. She loves "pretty, little things" and also not so pretty little things, in fact, she tends to love anything that didn't start life as "hers".

Most of the times I don't mind much, but this afternoon she seems to have done as much damage as a the iceberg did to the Titanic!
Not possible, with an expression this cute!

Let's start at the top of the house, she's obviously played in a box, that we obviously used at some point for the pigs and there is now straw and hay and bits of woodshaving all around the spare room. But, it hasn't stopped there, exhausted from her game of "box" she's climbed into the bed for a little lie down, so piggie bedding has followed her from floor to clean sheets.

From there she's discovered the delights of stamp hinges (her brother's). She has always been a bit partial to the odd post it note or two and when she was around three, spent a fun afternoon sticking postage stamps all over her body. It can be seen a sweet when she sometimes leaves me cute little messages on a post it. Stamp hinges are transparent on the other hand, sticky and bloody small. They stick to most things they touch too, so often you won't find them until you think you've got serious callouses on your feet.
Mama! They're only ditty stamp hinges...

Then there was the beautiful roll of gingham ribbon that I bought for my crafting. I suppose, if I chose to look on the bright side, we have similar taste as she thinks it's beautiful too and helped herself to a couple of yards, "snip, snip". I now have a remnant of pink gingham pathetically hanging off the cardboard roll  and two grubby, crumpled yards of something that looks like it may have been a cat's innard at somepoint.
I like pink, pink is pretty, ribbon is pretty...your problem is?

But does she stop there? No, she really is like El NiƱo, in fact, very apptly named I must add!

Her top trump is to try to dye her carpet red (it's normally cream...and we live in a rented house...and I was staying off the wine tonight...) with some make up that she found on the top shelf of her wardrobe (yes, we're talking 6ft off the floor) and is reserved for when she has had to do her ballet show each year and I have had to put cruddy slap on a four and five year old.
Mmmm, you can see the criminal number now!

If I wasn't so tired this evening, I really would like to rewind the day and begin it all again, perhaps I'll just make do with that self medicating glass of wine, an early night and the chance to let her teacher enjoy her company tomorrow *sigh*.

Ooops....sorry...guilty as charged!

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