Monday, February 14, 2011

Home is where the chickens are and the tenant isn't!

For my girls' home!

Not much to say today, other than the tenant has gone. Our house is finally our own again. We are two months rent out of pocket - again (we do know how to pick 'em) but we have our home back, the keys returned and I'm excited.
I was so excited that this afternoon I allowed my enthusiasm to run away with me and paid my deposit for this:

It is part of a package deal including the house and run, food, grit, oyster shell, a rat trap, a book and, best of all...5, yes FIVE chickens.  My brood has now increased by two! I got all this from Tom at Jessie's Hens . Tom very bravely took on me, Emma and my bairns along with a pen of around 100 chooks last summer (if you remember it was the week after returning from Africa without a suntan and then burning in a fen field after about 2 hours *sigh), to aim to teach us a basic course in chickwifery and henmanship - or really that should be hen-womanship! He has a massive range of houses, chickens and  along with his continuing after sales support, makes me feel incredibly secure that I won't mess up too much if I stick with him! Thanks Tom!

Of course, I still have to make the large enclosure that I'm blatantly stealing from Em's design
Oh, and of course...move in!!!

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