Monday, September 17, 2007

The world according to..........

............... Little Miss Beehive is...............well, quite simple and agreeable really, but does consist of the need to put up a fight before hand. This may just be the rule of all two year old girls.

We are on our way out of the door to pick up the boys from school. As usual, we are rushing and so I am explaining to LMB that she needs to put on the boots she has chosen quickly (yes, don't even GO there as to the attire - summer sun dress, thick winter cardigan, short socks and long boots hmmmm - Vivienne Westwood can only be the closest comparison!) otherwise we might be late for them.

LMB: Are we going to be early for my boys?

Me: No, it is nearly 3.15 already, we will be late if we don't hurry.

LMB: No, we are early.

Me: We aren't, we are going to be a bit late.

LMB: NO! We are EARLY mammy

Me: We were early this morning, this afternoon, we are late.

LMB: Early!

Okay - so maybe THIS is the point I should have given up!

Me: Early means before the time, late means after.......

LMB: Are we early mammy?

Me: *sigh* - No, we are late!


LMB: Oh ! O-Tay mammy


It's like the Twighlight zone!

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