Saturday, September 29, 2007

Come on baby, light my fire!

There are in fact, advantages, apart from the obvious of course, of having ones other half work for an alcohol company. This evening we decided to dig out from the depths of our cupboards, our fondu set. Very retro I know, but this thing has not been used since my college days and tonight felt like a great time to drag it out. Foolishly I assumed that we would have the necessary equipment to run the burner underneath the fondu, I mean, who doesn't have bottles of meths kicking around the house for occasions such as these? So this evening, after a careful controlled test, we are going to sit down, in our flares and listening to Abba of course, to our meal, gently cooking with the help from a bottle of Tanqueray 10 at 47% alcohol this one comes up trumps (wasn't that a game of the 70's too?) burning the best and the longest.

This week has proved particularly hellish what with Master Beehive the elder ending up being admitted to hospital last weekend with a nasty asthma attack (first one ever and pretty scary by all accounts, albeit, once the meds kicked in, he was very enthused about staying the night, watching tv from his bed and ordering what he wanted for breakfast!). Then from Monday through Thursday, Mr Beehive has been living it large in Vegas - apparently at a conference, but I suspect playing the slots with an elderly lady named Ethel May Lou from Bunkie!! During which time, my client went into labour.......this has called for all emergency childcare procedures to be put in place and has proved ultimately stressful. Still, calm has resumed............for some.

As to the rest of the troops, well, Master Beehive the younger, has discovered a passion for mint. The green plant variety!!!!!! Yes, you read that right. Tonight he has eaten a courgette muffin AND half my mint plant outside!! I don't want to assume too soon, but the novelty of eating "the toothpaste bush" is actually pushing him towards leaving the days of vegephobia behind him - hoorah!!

Little Miss Beehive, on the otherhand, has an itchy bum! I know this may be too much data for some of you (I would love to apologise, but.......we are all in this together you know!). Last night I offered to rub some cream on it for her to soothe the itch, only to be reminded:

"You can't mummy, I have this hole, it will get lost!"


And lastly, as an ode to us mothers everywhere who juggle life, kids, work, family and which alcohol burns the best:

Kick off your heels, pour yourself a glass of .........well, Tanqueray obviously, and enjoy! remember, tomorrow IS another day after all!


pansy said...

What goes around comes around. After 35 years you have finally discovered what I have been telling you all along - Mother is always right!!

The Beehive said...

Ach, now that is where you are wrong. I have always known that mother is always right, but if I had let on that I knew too early in my life I wouldn't have been doing my job right!!;-))