Saturday, October 06, 2007

Donald where'sya troosers?

My mother is currently recovering from shock! Yesterday, whilst on her way to church (that really bears no relevence to the story.....), she was visually assaulted.

Her route to the church takes her through the allotments and past the local primary school. Whilst passing she was hailed by a small boy (apparently no older than Master Beehive the younger - and by all accounts - just as mischevious!). Politely he attracted her attention:

"Excuse me!"

Now my mother is never one to refuse the request of a miscreant young boy (having a handful of grandchildren of that nature!), particularly such a polite one, and dutifully stopped.

"Would you like to see this?"

Now for poetic license, I like to believe that at this point, she smiled sweetly, bent down and whispered "of course!"

To which he then pulled down his trousers!!

I am, now, rolling about on the floor in hysterics, having a child of my own who is only now getting over the "whopping the willy out phase!" but I think my mum was more shocked than I would have been and I thank heavens that it was her and not me whom he decided to delight. This way, he was only delicately reminded of his inappropriate display of tackle on strange biddies, I on the otherhand, may have reminded him that if he didn't keep things tucked away, the birds might confuse it for a worm and come down and eat it (insert *evil laugh)!!

God you have to love little boys!

Time to go and find my own little testotot who has been sent to his room for redecorating the lounge in packing peanuts (feck, if I were 5, I would do that too - what fun!) and is now reminding me that he is there by his gradually increasing wails, I wonder how long it would take before he would fall asleep there (insert second evil laugh*)???

To mother - no offence!

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