Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pull up your stockings

Father Christmas is trying to get a head start this year.......or so I have been told!

This evening, after only 8 Christmasess of trying to get the right things, it has finally dawned on me that the loot list needs to be in production a little earlier than December 12th as FC has done all his bargain basement shopping by then. So tonight after dinner, they were instructed to sit and create a 10 item goody list.

1. Star wars figure - not just any specific - Padme?
2. A snorkel kit -In DECEMBER!
3. A drum kit - You have GOT to be kidding me!
4. A guitar - See above!
5. A Star wars figure - I see a theme running here! Unfortunately Master beehive the younger has been lent the latest"Star Wars Encyclopaedia" by his friend so now we have ALL the names of ALL the characters!
6. A doctor's kit - not just your bog standard bag, this has to come on a cart with wheels!
7. A gumball machine - yup, he tries THIS one every year!
8. A lazer tag game - this sounds fun!
9. Harry Potter characters - not the easy ones, but Ginny and other obscurities!
10. Candy - Yeah, problem is, FC is in league with the tooth fairy, so candy tends to get overlooked!

I on the other hand tried on the most cute and devine leather coat today - apparently (according to the sales rep??!!) the season's "must have" and the feel of "butter".

I was VERY smitten. It did look good - apart from the price tag but unfortunately when I suggested the idea to Mr Beehive, he reminded me that I had actually asked for a goat (from Oxfam)

He isn't buying it that he misheard goat for COAT!!!


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pansy said...

Now the drum kit is just the thing a doting grandmother has been thinking about. After all, we must encourage his musical talents. You can buy that from us!!!