Friday, October 26, 2007

What's brown and sticky?

It's been all about sticks today! We have had a day off from school and decided to put it to good use on the arts and crafts front.

Master Beehive the younger has been getting somewhat carried away with him enthusiasm for Samurai and Knight style games and yesterday after school, I was approached by the teacher who mentioned that there was some "inappropriate language" coming from these games. Naturally, my first reaction was that of wanting to have the floor open up and swallow me. He is indeed a true boy and despite not having weapons in the house, nor having a PlayStation or any type of electronic game or watching anything inappropriate on the t.v, he is still picking this up from somewhere and will turn (as he has done from babyhood) anything he finds into a bow and arrow etc.

On reflection, I really don't want to suppress this as I know from reading this is truly an attribute of many boys and they should be allowed to know that imaginative games like this are okay. I like this article for starters. He loves to be outside, climbing trees, getting dirty and often playing some kind of imaginative game that involves hunting or whatever. Unfortunately what I need to help him understand, is that maybe school is not the place for this type of game.

I was pleased today though for a day of respite. I have had a conversation with him and am now working on trying to show him other ways to play outside, make adventures and still have as much fun, but without the weapon part.

We gathered a mound of sticks and then sorted them into piles of thick ones, ones that were too dry and long thin ones. Then we made four or five posts in the ground and we began to weave. It took a long time and a lot of patience even to get this far, but we are thrilled with our first attempt.

Later on we decided to make some mobiles for Halloween.

Oh finally, I just wanted to share a new addition to our wall, alongside the ladybirds we now have this little critter.

Isn't he errr....big!

I think he is a very large grasshopper, but Master Beehive the elder seems to think it is a praying mantis (hopefully male!). We have had all our bug books out but can't seem to convince ourselves either way. He has a green layer just under the brown, and his front legs are barbed.

Any help ?

Little Miss Beehive was all ready to pick him up and shoo him away, fortunately I was able to convince her that the wall was indeed big enough for any visitors who want to share it with us. Mind you, I can't quite restrain from a full body shudder every time I open the door just in case this is the moment he has decided to camp out on the door or decide he wants a ride indoors!

We are going to call him Wild Thang.

Yours stickily

The Beehive

PS: It has been brought to my attention that I may be deluding you with the fact that peace and calm has reigned in the Beehive all day! Who are you kidding? Of course not. Currently I have Little Miss Beehive wailing because she wants me not Daddy, this is after spending her dinner time "pretending" to spill her water by actually doing it! Then mopping up with paper towel, shredding it and ramming bits in her ears whilst the dog tries desperately to get his head into her bowl of soup, Master Beehive the elder talking non stop asking me lots of "Do you know?" type questions: "Do you know the eldest person in the world was 160? Do you know there is a river somewhere called something? Did you know the next mother to spontaneously implode all over the kitchen floor is...?" and Master Beehive the younger is blowing bubbles into his milk whilst trying to pretend he is eating the kale, but not really!

Actually yesterday I was witness to something I NEVER thought I would hear Master Beehive the younger say:

"I want blueberry pie and NO ice cream please!"

Never mind. Mr Beehive has brought home the book recommended to me to read hopefully giving me some thoughtful insight as to the 'weapon play' and how to deal with it! It's called Playful Parenting!!! If you were right here right now, you would see the joke in that!!

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