Monday, October 08, 2007

My very own Caucus Race!

"It's been rather a surreal kind of a day" sighed Alice wearily as she settled down in the armchair.

"Firstly my day was shortened by two minutes. Before I went to bed last night I supped from a bottle of darkened ale that definitely said "DRINK ME" ! and when I awoke in the morning I was twice the size (or at least my sleeping partner had shrunk again!) and I found myself missing two minutes! The miscreant stole into my room in the early hours and altered the time on the pocket watch given to me by the white rabbit. I'm sure it was that darned bunny, determined I wasn't going to be late, or perhaps that tike of a boy, Master Beehive the elder, to whom time and order is of the essence? It is most perturbing when one is always looking for a 27 hour day, 2 minutes is highly necessary. Think what it could have been - time for a shower, time for breakfast, a cup of coffee, time to do four puzzles, dress three children, feed a dog, prepare lunch AND have an extra minute in bed!!!"

"So this was the start of the day. It then continued with a car driving into the pillar outside the building where I was at a meeting with a potential client. We were so engrossed in the discussion of birth and suchlike, we didn't hear or feel the impact! It made for a worrying couple of moments, but indeed I, my client, and more importantly my caffeinated beverage were safe."

"Later in the day, I was getting decidedly twitchy in the rabbit hole and decided to de-bunk. So the Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse were all bundled with buckets and spades, into the Moose Muncher for a trip to the October. The weather was simply devine!"

"So really," concluded Alice, picking up her bottle of pills on the way to the door ;-))

"that was about it......oh except that the March Hare ate an apple for dinner..............I think it was probably the most stupidest day ever!!"

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