Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brady Bunch hits the road

Well, kind of Brady bunch meets the Mystery machine!!

We're out of CT now, and on our travels again. We arrived in California on Tuesday afternoon ready to pick up our winnebago for our tour. Winnebago is probably the wrong word, think cross between a tranny and a campervan and you'll probably be closer to the truth. However, it works, although there has been a light on for the last 200 or so miles and the book tells us not to worry unless it's been on for three cycles (quite what defines a cycle, we have no idea, we're wondering menstural or pedal form?)

Our original plan was to go from Oakland (outside of San Francisco) up and through Napa for a few days, across to Lake Tahoe and then down to Yosemite. However, being fluffy lightweights at this camping malarky, one night without a hook up (for those of you not aware, that means without mains electricity to run the heating and lighting so thus relying on our generator which can only run for a couple of hours) we were like icicles in our sleeping bag by around 3am the next morning. It's not that warm yet during the night in California in Spring.

So, quick diversion via Walmart to buy cheap sweatshirt for sleeping in (of which this was a task in itself as the Californians are all hard by mid March and longsleeved anythings are for the grockles obviously and cannot be found in the local store!) we decided to opt out of spending the next three nights at this same campground and venture on to We also decided that two days in napa with smalls in tow would probably be about as much as they would allow us - unfortunately wine touring with smalls is not the best way to go about it! So we are now on a change of plan and are heading south - like the swallows - to find warmer climes and hook ups!!

We intend to be in Monterrey tomorrow evening, basking in warmth!!

Hopefully if the wi fi is all it's cracked up to be, I might be able to add some photos to this - well, that and the hopes my battery doesn't die and I can find the camera cable!

From Napa with love xx

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