Friday, March 27, 2009

Heading south - in pictures!

These are some of the biggest pine cones we've seen so far. Think Cadbury's easter egg size and you'll be right! I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I found them! So we are currently stowing three on board in bags because they are about as lethal as goodness knows what!

These birds make an impressive image in the sky. There's nothing too amazing about what you're looking at, it's only a turkey vulture (and we have plenty of those in CT!), however, there is something pretty cool about watching them circle the sides of mountains in Napa Valley!

A view across the vineyards of Napa.

Campsite number 2. LMB collecting wildflowers for our breakfast table!

Petrified wood. This stuff was cool. A complete forest that was covered by the volcanic ash of Mt St. Helena just seven miles to the north. This has some of the largest trees that have ever been found and it's a totally different colour to the petrified wood we saw in Arizona which was a darker red. It's impossible to believe that this isn't actually wood, but the wood cells have been replaced by minerals.

Old Faithful Geyser, just north of Calistoga. This is one of three old faithful geysers in the USA. It erupts currently every 10-15 minutes and shoots up to 60ft in the air. Apparently it's if the frequency between the eruptions gets longer rather than closer together that you need to be running from the spot!!

The season we're here the vines are just beginning to bud. Farm workers do everything by hand with the vines. It's pretty anal, but the end result is nice - thanks guys!!

Okay, so this is the dude that drives the bus that wears the hats that only mad dogs and english men wear!

A view down to Lake Beryessa.

A view of San Francisco from the Bay Bridge.

Alcatraz! I was impressed with this little gem (photo that is!) as it was taken from the van window at high speed with other cars and suspension work in between! Talk about luck!

The coast road to Santa Cruz. Never trust an American who says that this road is "the best and not to be missed". Unless we did it wrong, it was pretty impressive for about 20 minutes, then you actually move away from the coast and the drop is not there. I think they need to visit some of the coast of France and Europe! We're holding out for today though!

Man make fire! Man eat meat. Man stab himself with barbecue tools again! *sigh*

Of course, what is best with the embers of a campfire than toasting marshmallows. It is at this point that I will confess to never having done this before. Seriously! It's a rite of passage that I somehow missed!

Where there are boys and bubble wands there will be the next Sith war!
So for today we're off to the Monterey aquarium which we have been advised (by the same lady who advised the coast road!) is the best and not to be missed....... so watch this space!

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pansy said...

Lovely pictures and music. OK - so you didn't toast marshmallows over a campfire (not even at Guide camp?), but you did toast them on knitting needles at the sitting room fire!