Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The one with the mouse, the sticker and the windscreen wash.

Sit down for a second and you'll be packed. Put down that glass of water - it'll be gone, with the contents. Start to fill a form in and it'll be whipped away from under your nose along with the pen you were using. It's almost as bad as living with your mother!!

Yesterday saw most of the house packed and loaded onto the truck and headed to the warehouse to await reloading into the container.

In the evening, after it had all gone, I noticed a large hole in the wall where a bookcase used to be and an equally large pile of crumbled plaster. Master Beehive the younger was somewhat freaked out by the fact he could see into the wall and proceeded to "borrow" some packing tape to cover it over.
We hypothesised over what it might have been - over zealous movers with a pole? or was it there before we put the bookcase in front of it? However, later that evening I was teaching in the now very creepy house with not much furniture and lots of echoes and we hear crackling and rustling of packing tape. I think we now know what has enjoyed our wall for lunch, I only hope that in his desperate bid for freedom he isn't now firmly attached to the inside of the packing tape!

I have sorted out boxes of things, baking stuff for school (sugar, flour etc that haven't been opened yet) a box of dry goods to put in the parent room for people to sort through and help themselves, only to get back from Yoga to find them in box number 128 (drygoods)!! and god only knows where the windscreen washer fluid has gone that I left on the table yesterday to take to the car - probably in box 129 *sigh*!

So due to the keeness to pack everything in their sight, including full bins of garbage and toilet plungers (believe me, after the great toilet flood of Monday morning, I have no desire to see that plunger again for as long as I live!). I have gone around with my stickers today, putting "do not pack" stickers onto the things that have to stay. What I hadn't noticed as I dropped the kids off at school this morning was the one I sat on that firmly parked itself on my butt.

Not that it really matters if my hide is left behind!!


Digz said...

I sometime wish we had, had packers to help. Now I'm not to sure lol. Most of our stuff was carted of to school or charity shops though, so there wasn't really too much for them to move. Lets hope it is the same on the way back.

Hope everything else goes smoothly.

pansy said...

Well, maybe spending 2 weeks with your mother when you are back in the UK is not such a good idea?? Still, I reckon I can cope with you and yours - I'm a tough old bird!