Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tumbleweed and Tumbledown!!!!

Okay, so I ain't writing much about today at the moment as I am still recovering!

What is it with men once they have a big car in their grasp they feel the need to drive like they were in a mini? If you want to drive as if you're in a mini and take mountain roads at 70mph, then drive a mini. My stomach is upside down

Today was something like this:
Great morning...
Afternoon conversation, however (bear in mind I am reading a large California road atlas and we're in a tumbleweed town with a road system that doesn't want to be apparent on the map (oh and I can't read maps well in the car as it makes me travel sick!):

MrBH: Where am I going?

Me: Well we need to find Chamber avenue (we are still struggling to find an ice cream shop which normally we are not looking, will find 20 a penny, today when we want one, there are none!) - ach, there it is.

MrBH: Shall I turn round?

Me: Erm, yes, if you want to go the right way.

MrBH: Okay. (Pulls into car park of restaurant and proceeds to try to force the van through a very tight space.

Me: I don't think the van will go through there, why don't you....(unable to finish sentence due to outburst from MrBH, but continue to point to a large turning RV accessible point.

MrBH: *shouting* I can't DO a U-turn in the van!

Me: okay, sorry, I wasn't...

Silence to sound of roof being removed as he attempts to go around a corner with a low roof forgetting he has at least 12ft of van to manoeuvre underneath


So we are now minus a skylight thang, a large deposit, a little faith and some marital lurve!!!

Who said that the road was good for bonding?!

Here are today's pictures, which did actually make up for much of his twattishness!

Oranges on the hundreds of groves we spotted. It probably wasn't going to be a good day as we sped past these creating dust until I shrieked that it would be nice to actually see the groves and perhaps buy some oranges from the little stalls set up beside the road. Natch, by the time I'd finally blown, all the stalls were no where to be seen - the first tumbleweed rolled by!
Pine cones. Not, actually, of the Sequoia. The Sequoia have small pine cones! So this now goes with our collection of growing enormous pine cones!

Snow! People in the snow in sandals! We didn't get too far!

See the size of these? They are amazing. This one is two fused together!

Can you see the date carved in this huge hollowed out tree stump? 1883! Apparently this long carved out trunk was used in the 1800's to stable horses at one point! Shows you how big the things are! Some are 27 storeys high, as wide as a three lane freeway and weigh as much as 70 SUV's!!!

Fire damage. It doesn't actually kill the trees, just the debris and flora around the base of the tree to help the tree survive. They live for upto 3200 years!

A view from mini-man's mountain view race track!
Ah well, half a bottle of wine down, safely tucked up in our campsite (although I am sending Mr Beehive out with the garbage to the dump as there are bears in the woods - no, really this time!) tomorrow IS another day after all!

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