Thursday, July 22, 2010

And.....we're off!

Well I've done it!

It's all in the back of the car - and on the roof.
Three kids, one husband and a dog all included, although they did squeak a bit when I sat on the suitcase to get them all in!

The garden is in the capable hands of the great Scottish weather, which, up to this point has meant that most of the stuff is waterlogged, however, the minute we leave I'm sure we'll get a rare and unexpected drought and hose pipe ban, meaning I'll return to savannah worse than the one I'm going to visit!

This is going to be the view from my breakfast table for the next couple of weeks, not a coco pop in sight! - aaahhhhhhh

The fridge is nearly clear and mother will be the recipient of half a tub of gooseberry yoghurt, a salami, 3 pints of milk, 1/2 a carton of carrot juice, a half eaten sandwich, a brown banana and some hummus, which will probably end up in her bin, but it'll make me feel better that I passed it on to someone rather than binning it myself.

I've hoovered, dusted, cleaned, done the laundry and changed bed linen. The dishwasher is set to run whilst we're away and the children are only on their second item of clothing today at 10am - so we're doing well.

The car is filled with petrol and sweets - god, don't forget the sweets - crap behaviour tax! Technology is charged to ensure that I remain relatively sane by the time we reach our destination this evening. Seven hours in the car with them bickering would not be conducive to a great start to the holiday, so IPods are at the ready!!!

I've now got 4 hours to twiddle my thumbs, get crotchety because the children have the audacity to eat, make a mess and not flush the floater that will be there when we get back *sigh*, unpack the car because we need something that I've packed, then re pack it, only to unpack it because when Mr Beehive gets home at lunch time he'll undoubtedly not remember if he put in his passport or not.

I was probably actually ready to go on holiday at around 4.30pm yesterday afternoon - now, yunno, the moment's passed!

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