Friday, July 16, 2010

One of those women...

I would forgive you for thinking that over the last ten years and the amount of moving and travel we've done, I ought to be a dab hand at packing.

Sadly, it's something that I'm desperately inept at and it all stems down to fashion. Yes, vanity is my nemesis, I want to look my best!

I'd love to be one of those women who can see an outfit, complete with accessories, before she puts it on, then she knows exactly what part of her wardrobe goes with what and always looks imaculate or very put together, rather than one of those women who sees a chunky necklace that just screams to be bought, then realises on getting it home that it doesn't go with anything and rather than making her look like the model in the magazine, makes her look like Lady Gaga after a makeover from The Wiggles!

I'd love to be one of those women who has her own individual "style" or can just see things and throw them together in a quirky but fantastic way, rather than one of those women who has her own individual style but rather than quirky, fits more into the "odd bag lady" category.
Yes, that is Whoopi - or should that be Whoops - i - did it again?

I'd love to be one of those women who can say exactly what they're going to wear for what occasion, rather than being one of those women who gets through about six or seven rounds before finally deciding that something will "do".
...and this is Sigourney, although I'm not sure that this will do at all, even in MY book, maybe she just forgot the chef hat to complete the outfit!

I tend to pack as I shop - impulsively and randomly. I pack what I like, like what I see but then get pissed off the other end when I feel I have "nothing" to wear together, I then, ultimately, end up wearing the same few items over and over just because I feel comfortable and safe in them!

Ultimately, it might be nice to be one of those women who just doesn't give a flying fig!

...finally, yes, that is me, circa 1984 and obviously the only one who didn't give a flying fig was my mother and those bloody awful antimaccassars because, judging by my expression, indoor scarf adornment and plastic matching earrings I was too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it huuuuuurt!

We're very restricted by weight this holiday - for me that is a major crisis - normally to get over the "nothing to wear" syndrome, I pack just about everything I own. That way, there is bound to be one outfit that will work and tide me over other than my usual jeans and t-shirt combo. But weight restriction -Qu'un d├ęsastre !

Still, I'm working hard at this and have managed to reduce the children's luggage down to the bare minimum because they'll only wear their swimsuits, a couple of pairs of shorts and the same piece of underwear over the fortnight, no matter how much nice stuff I put in or how much I try to coerce them otherwise.

It'd be such a shame to waste their allowance don'tcha think?

Back in daily life,  here are a few pictures of what we've been up to so far this holiday:

 Watching the world cup final!

New bag - but never again!!!!!!!!!!!

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