Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A letter to my man

The middle guy is 8 today!

He's gone from this:


To this:

What can I say to you on your birthday my man?

Thank you for choosing us! Thank you also for giving ME a special Birth-day on the day you were born. You helped to heal my previous experience and you empowered me and I think I have you to thank for the journey I am on today. You are such a special guy, I love your energy and enthusiasm for everything. I love how you are so laid back and floppy - although sometimes it drives me craaaaaazy, really, I'm just envious that I'm not laid back and floppy - but I'm not going to tell you that on a Monday morning when I'm trying to get you out of the door for school!

You are such a good scientist and I love the fact that you are really similar to my dad, but I'm not going to tell HIM that (Grandad that is!) and I love the fact that you could spend hours together, just the two of you. I love your easy going nature and the fact that you like everyone!

I love your sense of humour - your elephant jokes and Indian Scumpton. I love the fact that you can be cool without trying where others trip over their egos in the effort.

I love the fact you call me mama and still give me massive hugs and that you love to cuddle whether you're happy or sad. You make me worry more than any of the other two, but equally I know, deep in my heart - you'll be just fine and probably more so than them! Most of all, I love you and I LOVE your hugs.
Happy Birthday dude,
Mama xxx

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pansy said...

Aaaah! Agree with all of this.xx