Monday, September 27, 2010

Bloggers Carnival!

Yes, alright, two in one day!

It could be because I've missed you all so much this weekend, or just that, in my absence, my iron gave up the ghost, so the laundry pile that is currently helping to dust the cobwebs off the coving is parked in a very, very far and murky corner of my brain whilst awaiting a new iron. Instead I thought I'd come back to blog about this:

The Blog-O-Sphere, as you know, is full of people from all walks of life, from the diverse to the ridiculous, the beautiful to serene. Bloggers, like "real people", attract other bloggers from similar paths and hobbies as their own and British Mummy Bloggers tends to attract Mummy Bloggers?!

Once a month they host a carnival where bloggers send a particularly funny/thought provoking/profound/or just grammatically correct post from the last four weeks to a host blogger.

25 or so blogs are then chosen from those who submit.

Anyway, as I paid her in chocolate money and masticated banana, the lovely Laura from Little Stuff chose my post on yoga as one of her choices this month (actually, judging by the post, I think she thought if she didn't chose that post, I may well be dead by the following month due to shortfallings in yoga...she may be right!)

Anyway, as I'm sure you'd like more blog reads, here is the Blog Carnival and now I'm off to sort me a hipstamatic, definitely the new blogger/photographer-on-the-go application - awesome!!

However, I may have to sleep with Father Christmas to get an IPhone first!


Laura LittleStuff said...

Sleeping with Father Christmas is quite fun. Ho ho ho.

The Beehive said...

I know, it's amazing how thin he spreads himself!

Just realised how bad that sounds but, what the heck!