Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wandering Wednesday part two

Wandering today - past these beautiful gates at Merchiston Tennis club.

Underneath the elderberries, which reminds me that I need to get out this weekend to pick some if we're going to attempt wine this year!
Someone has already attempted to make use of surplus fruits here...
I not only find Edinburgh fascinating for amazing signs and quirkiness, but I love the variety of colours that you can discover if  you look. 

Edinburgh is a grey city for much of the year. The sandstone buildings are blackened from years of transport and city dwelling and it would be too difficult to clean the buildings up due to the fragile make up of the stone. We also are the recipients of typical northern hemisphere weather and long nights pretty much from the end of "festival season", to the beginning of April. Thus for a good proportion of the year we are either shrouded in grey rain clouds or wake and go to bed in the dark. For me, to find pockets of vibrant colour makes me want to smile, so enjoy:

"Vibrant Edinburgh"

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Anonymous said...

Will you please tell me where you are editing your photo's, pleeaasse x x x x