Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday, framed.

In lieu of words today, pictures.

Beautiful wildflowers from the organic farm of one of Master Beehive the elder's school chums, bought from the Friday market.
Spending time lying out in the sun, listening to the piggies chattering away to each other in excitement at the vast expanse of fresh grass they had to eat today.

It was adorable.

and this is where I will spend a couple of hours on Sunday, learning to crotchet. Bliss!

What do you have planned this weekend?


Jacqui said...

Ooh - I do find that shop a bit intimidating - especially when I stumble in with a 3 year old and a million bags. I always feel I have to buy something as compensation for making the place look untidy ;) Enjoy you last few wanderings. have you been to Peter's Gate coffee shop?

The Beehive said...

LOL Jacqui! I don't need the excuse, I always somehow manage to find something to buy...then I have yet another intention to start...and finish (that's the bit I'm not so good at!!)