Friday, September 17, 2010

An infinate playlist

Chilling this evening.

Watching a fantastic movie and just eaten sashimi and sushi!! I love this movie! It's dorky and funny and cool and utterly geeky and perfect for a night in!

Not that I have an infinite play list as such, but maybe it'd include:

Amy Seeley ; Kaki King; Florence and the machine; Ingrid Michaelson; Mozart ; Copland; Beats Antique; The Housemartins

I'm sure there's more I could add.

I think I'll work on that!

What's your infinite playlist that you like to listen to?

Next weekend is going to take so long to come. I'm going to the Big Smoke to meet with my bestest girlie buddies and I can't wait. We've got the whole weekend to just soak in the atmosphere, chill out with good food and wine, maybe take in a sight or two, *whispering* or Spittalfields market and...the best bit, we're going to see "Wicked"!

Now I need to go plan my wardrobe and pack ;-))

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