Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wandering Wednesday

The time has come to accept that I am going to need to work harder still. Yes, harder even than Monday's Yoga. Walking will help to shift the middle-aged spread, yoga will tone the arms and hopefully go a little way to help out the road map of the Highlands that is my stomach, but there is no escaping the little crows feet that are appearing - why they were called crow's feet I'll never know, the size of the feet on the bastards that sit on my bin shredding any bit of overhanging plastic every Friday morning when the bin goes out, fills me with utter dread - they're going to get THAT big?
The magazines all say that once you reach the ripe old age of 35 (naturally I still have a few years to go *wink*) regular facials are a necessity, of course, this is from the Tatler magazine you read in the doctor's surgery (yeah! I do! I don't BUY it!) that also seems to think it's okay to spend 400 quid on a jacket !!
But, whereas I can get away with not spending that much money on a jacket, I'm not sure I can get away without spending a little more time, effort and brass on the mask!

There are those that are born with the gift of slow ageing and natural beauty (*whisper* bitches!!), there are those that opt for Botox to help freeze the moment and their expression and there are those of us who fit neither category but still want to do something other than inject cow toxin into our foreheads and  are joining Terri Hatcher on her quest to remain au naturel and age with poise and grace (so I lose out on the latter - so what!)

This morning I had an appointment to have a coffeeberry peel and omnilux! Sounds flash eh? Well what it entails is a beautiful cleanse, tone and peel application and after all that (all natural products) you're put under this light box thingy with a pair of goggles on that are too small for your eyes (well, mine were still bulging from Monday and the cold!).

"When I turn the machine on" says the beautician, "you'll see an orange light, then it'll turn red. It may give you a shock at first."

WHAT?! An electric one? I'd not bargained for that! I thought I was doing the coward's way of achieving Lois Lane skin - no needles, no shocks, no hurty wurty!

She turns on the box and ....


Not an electric shock, but HOW BRIGHT IS THAT LIGHT?

I am sure by this point I'm actually seeing a reflection of what's left of my brain now it's been fried in the glare, either that or there's been a nuclear explosion inside my head!

"Are you okay?"

I suppose it depends what you mean by okay. If you mean, am I happy that I'm slowly going blind and that this is obviously the price I have to pay for vanity,  that, when this treatment is finished I won't actually be able to see myself ever again, therefore crow's feet will certainly be the last of my worries? Then, yes, I'm fine!

Once I actually got used to the brightness and warmth, the treatment was strangely relaxing.
After it had finished and the stars had dwindled and reality had set in, I can actually see a slight improvement in my skin. The blood is closer to the surface so it does have a delightful pinkish hue - which the beautician politely called a "glow".

I think I will do it again, it's supposed to gradually improve the collagen production in the skin and help the skin's immune system. I'm a sucker for anything though, particularly if it claims to keep the tramlines at bay for a few more years yet.

Here are some photos from today as it's also "Wandering Wednesday" and as my days in "the burgh" are numbered, I feel that I need to do something to document the city and some of my favourite places. I'm going to use Wednesday mornings to get wandering and snap some of the life and eccentricity that this city has to offer. So here are a couple to get you started.

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