Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cape Cod

Where to begin? I never know quite where to start when i haven't kept on top of things for a while, particularly when we have been on vacation too! We have just returned from a fantastic week on Cape Cod........Less talk - more pics!! Enjoy.....

Early evening looking over the Bay in Provincetown, Mass.

Ripples in the sand - I love mucking with patterns!

Whale Watching !! What an experience!

Oi! This is NOT a whale!! Actually this was a great hour spent with my eldest on the beach watching the sun set. He took this one of me!



And then the moon came out!

Random boat on a beach - but so typical of the Cape

And another Cape feature!

I love this one - it looks like she has the whole beach - for miles and miles!

Dam Building - some boys never grow up! Peter Pan and his kids!

Peter Pan was also responsible for this too...........

My favourite picture of all the ones I took. I just love the determined look of his face and the spray that came up around him. The combination of dark on his wetsuit and the light of his hair makes a great photo. This one is going on my living room wall!

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