Monday, July 23, 2007

That's my boy and girl!!

The word "parent", goes simultaneously alongside the word "guilt" but I don't intend to get into that right now suffice to say that I am sure I am not the last or first mother on earth who feels a little guilty that number 2 child sometimes gets a little overlooked.

This holiday my number one plan was to help him with his reading. He is sounding out three letter words and more, but unlike Master Beehive, the elder, who had my undivided attention when learning this newfound skill, MB, the younger, is at somewhat of a disadvantage what with his elder brother needing help with his various activities and his baby sister vying for my attention whenever I even so much as attempt to sit down with him (or sit down per se!)

Today we dropped him off at the YMCA camp - first day of it. On backing out of my space a rather impatient driver decided to shoot around the side of the car waiting for my space in order to get in first, but in the meantime, blocking my exit - Twonk! Whether my daughter read my mind or sensed my bristles, she yells in great glee: "Bloody Car"!! Oh too many times do I say that!!!!!aggh!
After picking him up, LMB was occupied trying to bring down invisible aliens with a walkie talkie, dinner was nicely cooking in the oven, all was calm. I decided this was an ideal opportunity to help him read. Eagerly he rushed off to fetch one of many Oxford Reading Tree books that we posess (these ex-teachers!!) desperate to show me how well he could read. I was actually quite amazed at how much the "hands off" approach has worked for this wee man. Either osmosis is an excellent form of aquiring knowledge and skill, or he has been reading with Daddy each night without my knowledge. However, he does stand out from his elder brother in his ability to take semantic cues to a new meaning.

"He put in milk.
He put in Tomato Sauce.
He put in Baked Boogers" ???????

I think (hope) he meant Beans! But only MB, the younger, could have thought of this one so fast!

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