Saturday, July 07, 2007

Emergency!! The doctor has to belch!

There is nothing like a day that is full of drama in the Beehive and today is like no other. We are having friends around this afternoon so.......putting off clearing out the shed yet again (after all, why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow!). That said, we decided last minute that the gravel we had stored in there from last year would be better placed surpressing the remaining weeds under the Hibiscus tree on the patio. So.....*feeling a little guilty here, but not TOO much as it is primarily Mr Beehive's domain and thus his chaos* I asked for them so I could spread them out.

A simple task one might think, but not so. Venturing into the valley of disarray, Mr Beehive willingly obliged.

One minute we were laughing about the volume from our neighbour on her latest rant at her latest tenant, the next he is joining her in wails and screams, managing to successfully impale himself on the barbecue fork that he has left facing outwards at calf level (hmm, of course you can't really hear the slight - whaddiditellya, in that last sentence can you??)

Fortunately, he managed to miss his arteries (I am sure there must be some big ones down there!) and the actual hole was a puncture rather than a large cut requiring stitches, but there was blood.

Master Beehive, the elder, the guy who hides behind the sofa in Nemo disappeared pronto, Master Beehive the younger, however, proved to be such a great help. He helped apply a firm compress to the wound so it stopped bleeding and helped me to put a bandage around his daddy's leg - my paternal grandfather would have been proud!!

On completion of the job in hand (no, not the gravel - I have still to send him back out to do that *insert wicked laugh*!! - kidding of course!) I told Master Beehive the younger, how great a help he was and what a great doctor he would make.

"Really?" he asked "can I be a doctor?"

"Yes, if you work hard, you can go to medical school."

Grinning from ear to ear he rushes off to find his brother to tell him this "wonderful news"!!

Five minutes later, he is back

"Are doctors allowed to burp?" he asked in all seriousness

"Well, not out loud in front of patients" says I

"Okay, I'll only burp inside my mouth then."

OMG - please if he ever fulfils this dream, just don't tell me if he is ever YOUR doctor!!!

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