Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There's no place like home, there's no place like home......

It is only 7.21 in the morning, but I know that the Beehive will not disappoint me for entertainment value again.

It starts at 1.20am this morning by a small troubled Beehive who needs me *now* to find his bag full of powder. Still very very dazed and groggy I haven't yet managed to put two and two together and realise that he is half asleep himself, there is no such bag, he has been dreaming. Removing my head from the underside of his bed when the dawning strikes, I encourage him back into bed reassuring him that we will look for it in the morning.

By 6.15am I am awoken again - and remove myself rather suddenly from the warmth of Dan's chest.....*shite, did I say that outloud??* - by Mr Beehive getting up for work. Darn!

Doing a mental check through what I can remember for the day's plans before I hit the real world entirely, I realise that some serious ironing will have to be done before I can find shorts to wear - I love having company at weekends, but unfortunately my manservant tends not to iron for me!

Sleepily, I shower, get semi-dressed and go downstairs to commence work ironing and boiling eggs for a picnic at the beach later.

On arrival at the kitchen I am greeted by Mr Beehive the elder, dressed as a magician (with Pirate pants???), eating cereal and with his ready packed lunchbox and wand beside him!!!!!! (there is actually method to his madness, he is doing a course at the middle school in magic this week - lots of fun I gather!!!)
Little Miss Beehive is singing the ABC song at the top of her voice both are eating breakfast. Master Beehive the younger has yet to make an appearance and is still snoring.

Standing by the ironing board in my bra and knickers, I happily realise today is totally normal!!!!!!!

Must dash, my kitchen timer has just rung - the eggs!!

Enjoy your day

Yours normally

The Beehive

Post script:

By 8.20am I have hung out the washing, put on another load, chased one child around the house with her clothes whilst attempting to hold an MSN conversation with my sister, picked up wet washing from the mud to re-wash that the same child "helped" me hang out (bugger Montessori), run around the garden after the dog with a croc in his mouth trying to convince him to drop it (bugger those crocs!), sorted the recycling and retrieved cutlery from it (thanks LMB!), fed the dog, re-fed the dog as I forgot LMB had already done it as it is "her chore" for this week (bugger being organised!), attempted to boil the eggs on the back burner by turning on the front burner for 10 minutes so have had to re-boil (bugger, bugger, bugger!)......

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