Friday, July 06, 2007

Why Don't You..........

It is hot and muggy today and the children, after Tae Kwon Do and a trip to the ice cream shop have decided to flake out with a story on a CD. I have therefore had time to pick up my e-mails, realise I have missed my sister on MSN (again!), take some photos of the scrap books that the boys are making and do this............

Google "(your name) needs" and then pick best five that come back and give your response to that (someone mailed me this idea - I am not THAT bored or in need of escape just yet!) so here goes:

"Rach needs"

1. To do something that's interesting.

Hmmm, well this was kinda interesting but then again each to their own I guess.

2. heeeeelllllllp.........

Big brother is watching me!

3. To sing live

Well I have always been a closet diva, the most I ever extended to live were school and uni productions (think Pirates of Penzance and Grease!!!) and karaoke!! Since then I have packed up my hairbrush for other ventures!!

4. To wear her wwjd bracelet

Okay, so I think this stands for "what would J do". But who the hell J is, maybe I can just invent that bit? Jamie Oliver? Jools Holland? Jo Brand (fuck only knows what SHE would do!!) I think we can safely say this is not something i need right now

5. To be hunted and exorcised

That is a little harsh and I can't say I like the idea and ditto above!

Right time to go - the sky has gone yellow, the leaves are blowing the indications that a storm is coming, I need to go and clear up outside and get my life sorted out!!!!!!!!!

Gibberingly yours
The Beehive!

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mckays_in_spain said...

Ohh, thats scary, as someone who should be finishing her TEFL assignments but is putting them off, I tried the "julie needs" thing - someone is watching me.... Julie needs 'help' (yep, pretty much all of the time!!)
Julie needs 'a new home' (yep, but where???)
julie needs 'an early start' (you have got to be kidding!!)
julie needs (saving the best till last) 'NEW SHOES'
I'm scared, Google knows me too well!! Catch up soon, J