Monday, July 16, 2007

So what's your theory then?

Last night Mr Beehive and myself went to see the new Harry Potter film. Quite what has happened to the now incredibly lush Daniel (or Dan as he prefers to be called!) Radcliffe beggars belief. He has beefed up - quite nicely thank you and I occasionally found myself thinking some rather naughty Mrs Robinson thoughts about him at intermittent intervals. Dan - wear MORE t-shirts!!!!!

Anyway, I digress ! Whilst on our way, Mr Beehive tries to engage in some light conversation - silly man - wrong topic. So for the record this what I think happens in book 7

JK has already told us she has to kill off two main characters and reprieves one whom she didn't think would get a reprieval. As we already know, HP or Voldemort has to die. JK has also talked about finishing off HP as a way of preventing further stories from the series being created later by others. You know, I really think that she is safe in this department. I think that there are so many fans of her and her story out there that even if someone did try, it wouldn't get the audiences. Based on that I don't think Harry dies. I think Neville does. I believe that he plays a big part in this in the end as a way of avenging his parents. JK has successfully drawn us in to liking this quiet, shy, bumbling boy who has a disturbed past. He is desperate to prove himself and to seek revenge for the Cruciatus curse that was performed by Bellatrix Lestrange on his parents. I think she will kill him but not before he has killed her. The other character will come from the triange that is Snape, HP and Voldemort. We know V will have to go and I think that Snape will be the other. He "killed" Dumbledore - so did he? We know he performed the Adava Kedavra but this could have been staged intentionally to draw Voldemort close to Harry. Also I think this was a way of getting Snape back in to Voldemort to act as a spy for Dumbledore's side. I think he is going to be good in the end. Perhaps this is just my way of finding good in everyone lol! I still don't have any idea who RAB is, perhaps Regulas Black, Sirius' brother? and haven't worked out how this person who has already taken the first Horcrux fits in. It has crossed my mind that there is some opposing magic going on, that maybe Dumbledore has staged his own death and that maybe he was/is a Horcrux ? Or that maybe he comes back in some form or other, after all, he burst into flames at the funeral just like a Phoenix and his patronus is a Phoenix - I think there is more to this than meets the eye. If Snape IS foe, why was Dumbledore protecting him? Why did Dumbledore seem concerned that HP was okay in the Goblet of Fire - somethings are all a little bizarre.

Check this out: There are some great thoughts on there!!

So, just in case I am right in my crazed theory and should have put a bet on the bookies, you can tell your friends that you got this info from:
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