Saturday, July 14, 2007

The German comes to tea

Iced that is!

We are already well down the route of alcohol, but she is "allergic" to alcohol - poor bint, so instead we are subjected to putting the world to rights via Newman's iced lemondade tea!!!!!!!!!

So the Beehive and the Branchline are sitting enjoying the outdoors when we are alerted to life on the "real"side by a "holy shit" following a chorus of coyotes who are, to put a finer point on it, singing for their supper!!

Feeling the need for my inner child to emerge, I ask her to join us for a drink as she is:
a. Worried about the "wolves"
b. halfway on our garden anyway
c. in need of a stiff glass of something alcofrolic!!!

Fast forward a couple of hours and I appear to be solely entertaining whilst Mr Beehive and Mr Branchline are reminiscing and Mrs Branchline has fallen off the bandwagon and gone to bed. Feck! Mrs Beehive has to chat civilly to crazy next door neighbor - after her wonderful accolades to local landscape gardeners a few weeks back about us being vindictive neighbors for asking her to turn off the mower at 5am on a Sunday morning - bad dog - down boy!

After a few hours of putting the world to rights - hmmm??? I need to pee or pee through the cushion I am sitting on!!!!!!!!! Master Beehive the elder has ejected from his bed to ours, Mrs NextdoorthatisFARTOOMUCHINFORMATIONneighbourIreally
has finally gotten the hint and gone home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problem is - by her own confession, she LIKEs to Mow !! Rather like my mother who LIKES to iron!! It is 11.00pm, pitch black. Sorry, no excuses - she is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! and we tried!!!!!!!

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