Thursday, July 05, 2007

A recipe for Tomato Soup

Little Master Beehive, the younger, as you may already know, is a vegephobe. He is on a diet of no-green things (or red, orange, brown, yellow) that resemble a veg until he is at least 7 !! However, for some reason, beknown only to the workings of his free spirited mind.....he LOVES tomato soup - which is good of course! He will eat it home made or the nice organic one I get from Wild Oats - hoorah!

So on helping choose today's lunch - he asked for his favourite and the conversation ran like this:

LMB - Can we have tomato soup for lunch?

Me - Yes, if I have some. If I don't will another type of soup do? Would you eat something else?

LMB -Hmmm, maybe (fingers insert into mouth)

Me - I have Potato and Leek.........

LMB - (silence)

Me - Ah, found some, that's lucky.

LMB - Did you know that this is proper tomato soup?

Me - No, I didn't why is that?

LMB - The rubbish stuff has tomatoes in it.............

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