Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creative space

Not so many words today, my last couple of blog posts have been very wordy. Instead I thought I'd share my creative workspace with you. Inspired by Amanda at Soulemama to share, not to keep all my work neatly in one basket mind, here is a little insight into the birth and growth of my creative space which currently spills into every possible corner or basket. In the new house - I'm going to have a room...well, maybe a part of a room!

So this is a wrap I felted and it closes with a pin. I am going to make another one as I have one more Facebook gift to give...

This is a new arrival of stash that came today - some pretty cottons for a few tunic blouses for spring for LMB and myself and fleeces for each of the children.

Neatly stacked stash just waiting for time.

. Some Spring pants made from some Ikea Linen mix. Two metres cost me four pounds!!!! They have pockets, zip, waistband and I just finished the turn up hem this evening. I'll try to post a picture of the boy in them tomorrow.

I have huge inspiration for my workspace, racks for threads, jars for buttons, shelves for fabric.

Do you have any pictures of your workspace?

1 comment:

Digz said...

I love those trousers, I wouldn't mind a pair myself.

As for workspace, I have no space at all at the moment, but that's OK.