Wednesday, January 05, 2011

To learn or not to learn, that is not really a feasible question!

The Fetal Skull - tick,
The Heart - tick - well anatomically anyway - physiologically (the heart) I'm not so clued up, but give it time.

It's amazing what you can do when you're not lured to the high street and you're on a strict no spend policy. Actually - that sounds like I spend my life shopping - which is far from true!

I've got two days to log today as I didn't get on to blog last night I was too busy cheaply entertaining myself by knitting the second side of my waistcoat and watching Silent Witness (not that that was remotely traumatic and causing me to lose my place in the pattern *sigh* although I had worked out "whodunnit" after 20 minutes into Monday evening's episode - I am such an irritating person to watch a forensic/murder mystery type programme with as I've normally worked it out and spoiled it all by half way tend to be the least obvious person who seems so "nice" - they're always the nutters !) So, if midwifery fails, I'll try forensics next!

Master Beehive the elder had a playdate yesterday - which was nice for him as it seems like we've been holed up for a long old time what with the holidays and the snowdays prior to that.

In the old days when the kids were younger, there were always so many amusing things I could fill my blog with when a playdate came over. Spending half an hour "listening in" often resulted in the most hysterical of double entendres and funny stories. These days playdates are boring...well most of the time...that is unless your youngest child decides to completely humiliate you and herself.

I've always prided myself on thinking (and sometimes being told) that my kids are polite, pretty good kids. They have good manners, look out for other kids, only hit each other and not their friends (yeah, you got that last bit!) - that's all a mama can ask for right? I don't want saints, I want kids.

I know kids are noisy, they say embarassing things, land you in it, they whine, they sulk, they screech, they argue, they love to talk about poo and the toilet is the height of hysteria , but WHY does LMB decide that the playdate was to be on the receiving end of her "giving her butt an airing" ?? Cue mass embarassment from me, mass hysteria from three "ewwwwwwwwwwing - girls stink" boys, a shed load of giggling and fishwifery from the culprit and "a serious word" as to why it's inappropriate... I really have no idea at all what goes on in their heads sometimes. Mooning at six??? What IS the world coming to, I'd never have done such a thing *snigger* !!!

So update on the spending situation:

Tuesday - spent zero

Wednesday -

Coffee at Sainsbury's whilst waiting for the children to finish their Explore session 2.25

Week's groceries - 59.85 - which is an absolute bloody record for me. Let's see if it actually lasts a week!

Washing machine: 3 times yesterday but no dryer and once today and still no dryer. The whole house smells of laundry powder as the stuff is drying from any free space!

Car: used once today to take children to Explore and grocery shop - all at Sainsbury's. Used once yesterday to get to yoga.

Food: Yesterday I made pasta with pesto for lunch all with stuff we already had in and then we had toast for tea. Today we had rolls for lunch and I made a stew with some liver I had int he freezer - so cost there was nothing into January's save month!
Mr Beehive spent 48p on his breakfast and 1.16 for lunch - there's no learnin' some people. Guess I'll be making and extra pack up in the morning!

Entertainment: has been a midwifery quiz this evening, killed two birds with one stone really - learned lots and tested what little I know ! - Free!

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