Thursday, January 06, 2011

Potty Predictions and Barmy Banners

About five years ago I went to a Native American Indian festival in the US. Being the sucker I am for elderly ladies in tents telling me that they know who I was in a former life, I opted to part with my beans. What stuck in my mind most from this telling was that she told me that my daughter would be a leader and grow to great things.

How my heart swelled with pride - my girl - a leader eh?

This morning she wanted to watch Horrible Histories. For those of you overseas who aren't familiar with HH, in a nutshell they are the brainchild of Terry Deary who wrote these as books telling kids the "real" things about history. The are really funny, interesting and pretty gruesome at times. CBBC now re enact some of the books. We love them in this family.

So, she was promised an hour of HH after lunch today as long as she entertained herself for an hour this morning so I could revise.
True to the prediction, she'd spent the morning creating a demonstration banner out of paper and lollysticks. She will be up there, standing up for human rights, women rights, animal rights, defending her fellow man, her country, Emmeline Pankhurst of the 21st century.
What was she demonstrating against or speaking up for you ask...


Yes, the brown sticky stuff! 

She wanted to have a banner like the rat from Horrible Histories, so she could wave hers when he waves his *sigh* 

She needed a poo sign!

What with that and the mooning episode I am beginning to wonder...

Why me? What have I done? I bet the fortune teller is laughing in her teepee! Gah!

On saner matters I've signed up for a Facebook handmade pledge thingy. I'm normally not one to jump into all the FB ideas and bandwagon status updates, but figured that this one was harmless enough and would encourage me to find time to sit and craft this year rather than spending all my life with my head in a book - there'll be time enough for that in September. I now have six people for whom I have to make something during 2011. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee, but it's so nice to receive a parcel of love through the mail with a little something in it to brighten up a day. I will let you know what I've made as I go along, but not until I've posted the gift to its relevant participant as I know they read this blog ;-)
I've nothing much to report on our spends today. 

Washing machine - was on once only - YAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Car - has been used once to take Mr Beehive the elder to a playdate. He's then going to make the most of the free swim time and they're going to go swimming later. The playdate's mum will drop him back home later.

Food - We're having a meatless Thursday today - I'm doing a vegetable lasagne which has probably cost around 2 quid in total to make for six, so not bad. Master Beehive the younger won't entertain the idea of it, so his portion will go another day too - what a bad mama I am !! 
Lunch was scrambled eggs courtesy of the eggs I was given by a friend for Christmas.

I do have an invoice to fill in for Isobel's ballet and jazz lessons however, so that will make a dent, albeit a necessary one.

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Digz said...

If it makes you feel any better, today in Willows class they had to name a liquid and a solid. Other children answered drink petrol bricks etc. Willows answer was poo and wee. Her teacher said poo isn't always solid.
There really is no hope.