Friday, January 07, 2011

Mindful Birthing: Self-Publishing: practical necessity or just pure ...

Mindful Birthing: Self-Publishing: practical necessity or just pure ...: "There was a time when publishing your own book led to the assumption that the text had not been subjected to rigorous review and therefore l..."

I recommend all my doula, midwife, birth educators, aspiring birth companions and interested friends to take a moment to read Adela's blog.

Adela was my mentor in the UK when I arrived here - albeit already with five years of doula experience under my belt.

But, sadly, needs must and she was gracious enough to listen to my berating and misgivings about the UK doula organisation not recognising my US equivalent and more experience than many of the committee members and writers of the programme themselves.

Surely birth is birth, no?

Surely our jobs as doulas is to support and assist women through pregnancy, labour and birth as a companion, sister, friend, this doesn't need to be different in different countries?

Surely writing an essay or two isn't going to suddenly make me a "good doula", that will be my experience and learned wisdom of my fellow doulas no?

We, as doulas are not medics or academics - okay, re-phrase, as DOULA's we don't need to be medics or academics.

Doulaing is a craft and a calling over a book learned subject alone.

All women need the same thing during birth, to feel safe, loved and secure - not sure why having to do more essays or suchlike would prove one more capable of providing that, but there ya go!

Anyway, I digress.

I urge you to read this book, I have Adela's first book and it is an inspiring read, refreshing and calming. I am looking forward to the end of "no spend January" in order to get my hands on this book - although I do have a birthday in March...

I will be away this weekend so won't be able to update you on my spends or, hopefully lack of. I am on a yoga for pregnancy training residential which will incorporate my need to buy train tickets and lunches, however, I've packed my tea bags and snacks - that is good right? So why do I suddenly feel like my gran who used to "save" the sugar and little pots of milk when she went out for tea?

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