Monday, January 03, 2011

The third day

There are many blogs I read in forumsville that inspire me, fill me with enthusiasm through their crafts/calmness/presence/life choices etc. I often try to pick up on some ideas or use the inspiring blog entries to help me reconnect with myself.

Along with the New Year/No spend theme is another idea that I am going to try.

As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, doula, teacher etc my life leads me in all kinds of wonderful directions, I need to be able to multi task, balance, please, encourage, direct, facilitate, host, love, etc etc (I'm sure there are a gazillion more) However, in all of this, there is often a lack of time to stop and really connect with me.

I know I will be doing my midwifery course this year, that is "for me" but it's also a job that will require much of me for others. So I am going to join Tara with her 11 permissions for 2011.
11 things I will be allowing myself unadulturated time to do or be. These are 11 things that I will not have to answer for, will not over think and will aim to make part of who I am - naturally.


I hereby give myself full, unapologetic permission to….

    • Meditate regularly and go to Yoga.

    • Say "no" to things that I really don't have time or the inclination to do. 

    • Wear what I like and like what I wear.

    • Have time to study uninterupted.

    • Seek out calm places.

    • Get rid of the clutter both physically and mentally.

    • Have time and space set aside to finish projects and craft more new ones.

    • Not feel "mother guilt".

    • Be happy in my skin.

    • Read a book (novel) in the middle of the day.

    • Connect more and surround myself with beauty and nature.


    Spend update:

    Guitar lessons for the boys: £25

    Coffee and Hot Chocolate (Mr. Beehive bought this for Master Beehive the younger after his long bike ride today whilst they were waiting in the cold for me to pick them up!) £4.40

    Fuel for the car: £16

    Obviously #2 could have been saved if they'd taken a thermos ;-)

    The washing machine has been on three times today as it's Monday and I change the bed linen, but we've hung it all up rather than use the dryer!

    Tonight's meal is from our freezer, I'm jazzing up some chicken breasts with ham and cheese and then I'll do some sliced potatoes and some cabbage and peas.

    The car has been used three times, once to take Mr Beehive the elder to a playdate in Portabello, once to get me to the gym and once to pick up the cyclists from leith as the youngest was too exhausted to cycle back home (to be fair, he'd done nearly five miles!)

    In all honesty, the gym is probably near enough to walk - it's around two miles each way, but the problem I am going to have is time management, in order to walk there and back adds nearly another hour to my day that I don't have. I'm not sure how to get around that little predicament.


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Lynn said...

Re the gym is about 2 miles away. I have started cycling there (on the RARE occasions that I get to go!) which takes around 10 minutes. I then use this as part of my warm up so I can spend more time toning etc, then cycle home again (slowly!) and shower when I get home. Based on how long it used to take me to drive (5 mins) and how long it took to park (2 mins) it's only about another 6 minutes added to your time.