Friday, January 14, 2011


Never has there been such a truer curse than "Oh Pants!"

I have been fighting this week with angles and triangles, oh how I wish I'd paid more attention in geometry.

My friend, Saskia, wears the most amazing pants that I have been secretly coveting for a long time now. (The above pic. isn't her and her pants btw, I found them on a google image search when I was trying to find directions.)

She has shown me how to make them using a rectangle of paper and they are apparently "the easiest pants" to make.
Of course, not if you're geometrically challenged ;-)

Take one piece of fabric, fiddle, snip, sew, unpick, reshape, resew, unpick, shave more, reshape and resew is NOT the way to make them, however, fold, stitch, stitch and wear, is!!!

It took until 9pm last night to work out the folds and how to stitch and even then, I didn't end up making them the way Saskia had suggested. Today, however, I now own two pairs of much coveted trews, one made the Saskia way and the other, thanks to google!

Of course, this inspiration has meant that I have spent some money again! I bought 2 metres each of two different fabrics to make the trousers, but I guess two pairs of pants for under 20 quid is a bit of a bargain!

On other fronts, the contents of the freezer are getting lower, the car has been used less and...the washing machine DID NOT RUN today!!!
This evening's entertainment is homemade curry from remnants - it's amazing what you can do with squid and cauliflower and some imagination - no, really!
Oxytocin levels have been increased by some David Tennant in a couple of recorded Christmas episodes and music has been supplied by "the dog" howling and wailing at the wolves as we now watch the amazing "Yellowstone" documentary that was on the Beeb last year or the year before. She'll learn one day that she's 1 foot nothing and all noise and no trousers.......that'll be me wearing the trousers then ;-)


~*Beth Durden*~ said...

Hey!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the care package! It was SO awesome! I loved the shower gel and the chocolate?...YAY! Green and Black is my fave! You are such a blessing and such a sweetheart :)


The Beehive said...

You're so welcome Beth. You're doing an awesome job out there and awesome people deserve a little surprise every now and then. Enjoy it sweetie xx